Problem 01

Our client had a vision to build an addiction-free society by leveraging technology to help the youth and young adults understand the downsides of vaping.

As the previous year recorded more than 2700 cases (Vaping-Associated Pulmonary Injury) among young adults aged 18 – 34, the primary objective was hyper-focused on motivating young adults to quit vaping and marijuana addiction.

For this reason, a community-based application that could guide its audience about the adverse health effects of vaping, while enabling them to follow expert tips and practices to stay healthy is what the app was intended to be.

Solution Discovery 02

Tekrevol designed a solution that could act as a pinnacle of change in the market. The app was supported by features and functionalities that would ensure a healthier and sustainable community. Our team analyzed the project from a technical standpoint.

After comprehensive ideation and iteration, we developed a strategic roadmap to create the anti-vaping app.

Here’s what our team streamlined, before initiation of the development phase:



The compelling design, layout, and experience that the Stop vaping app would have.


Integration of specific functionality and features that catered to the young audience.


Empowered communication aspects within the app to ensure maximum connectivity and interaction of users.

We imagined the “Stop vaping App” as a modern solution based on advanced technologies that compelled users to minimize their unhealthy habits, conveniently and in an engaging way.


Implementations 03

We started working on a cross-platform mobile application and a web-based application providing access to the admin panel. The admin panel had access enabled to the clients only where they could manage features, check performance, view critical statistics and analysis, and analyze other essential app aspects. Other features that were added, include:



The resulting app that was created, incorporated social aspects to keep users motivated and uptake practices to quit vaping. We are proud to be an integral part of a community-friendly solution that enables the youth to quit vaping and adopt a healthier lifestyle.



Launching into its niche market, this revolutionary app is responsible for reducing the number of vaping adults, while also the number of consequential casualties in our society.

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